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Monday’s are upper body day!

We will go through many exercises for your shoulders, chest, arms, back and a bit of abs and core, and everything in between.



On Wednesday’s it's LGBT!
Legs, Glutes, Bums and Tums. Wednesday’s are all about taking your lower body to the next level.

It’s functional, it’s enjoyable, it’s hard if you want it to be, but mostly you’ll come out of my sessions with legs that will make Hollywood shake!

Fit Woman
Online Fitness Class



We take easy exercises and perform them so you get to realise exactly what’s going on in your stomach and core area and are able to take control of it from then on. The exercises in this session start easy and progress to a higher level of difficulty, but you can stay at a certain level if it gets too hard. Come and join us for a fun filled session that will leave you with the stomach of your dreams!



On Saturday’s it’s the Triple A with Ass, Arms and Abs! The Saturday sessions are for you to get a good pump for the weekend! In about 30 mins, we will cover the essential areas to make a great impression on your Saturday and Sunday endeavours!

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In each session, I will give exercises with 2 to 3 different progressions, ranging from easy to difficult. Feel free to do the version you prefer according to your goals and how energetic or tired you are that day.


For my classes you will most likely need a set of resistance bands (or free weights), a yoga mat and a chair. Of course, a water bottle as well as a towel.


If you need any help getting your own equipment, feel free to ask me and I will direct you to some favourite products of mine.

All classes are UK time.

Get in touch: arthur@arthurebel.com

Call: 07462 488757

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